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About the Project

Freeform is a small office furniture company based in Boise, Idaho. The building owner, also the primary tenant, sought to install the most advanced lighting system available and conducted a full redesign including white tunable LED luminaires with replaceable drivers and advanced Bluetooth wireless controls for occupancy, daylight harvesting, and energy monitoring. The project reduced the total number of fixtures by 40% while increasing lighting uniformity, personalization, remote control, and automation capabilities. Color temperature also can be adjusted for enhanced product display.

To extend the longevity of the fixtures, the installed luminaires have easily replaceable drivers and are standard spec to allow replacement using several original equipment manufacturers. The light engines are also replaceable and available from the manufacturer. In addition, the contractor recycled all old lighting materials and sent the outputs and ballasts to a lighting-specific recycling firm.

The project has resulted in a reduction in energy consumption of more than 83% from pre-existing non-controlled fluorescent. It is also estimated to save 15,600 kWh and 11 tons of CO2 annually.