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Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation

About the Project

When Los Angeles County’s Department of Parks and Recreation deployed air disinfection systems in its offices, it prioritized sites with high employee density and frequent in-person interaction with the public. Using UV-C light, the systems neutralize harmful airborne microorganisms in real time in occupied spaces.

When occupants breathe, cough, sneeze, or speak, the warmer air expelled rises to the disinfecting zone by natural and HVAC airflow. In turn, the natural and HVAC airflow recirculates the disinfected air back to the occupied area. While HVAC systems in office environments typically provide two to four air changes per hour, this UV-C system provides at least a dozen, replacing contaminated air with disinfected air roughly every five minutes, significantly reducing employees’ and the public’s exposure to airborne pathogens.

This upper-room technology saves approximately 90% in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions versus clean air delivered through HVAC systems alone. The savings is largely due to eliminating the energy required to turn over large volumes of air, replacing filters, and contending with hazardous waste and non-recyclable materials.