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What is the Integrated Lighting Campaign?

Today’s lighting technology is not just for lighting anymore.  By integrating lighting and advanced lighting controls with other  building and business systems, you can improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and create comfortable spaces for occupants. The Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC) helps facility owners and managers do just that.

The ILC serves as a resource for sharing the latest research on advanced lighting controls and system integration. The campaign offers facility managers and owners third-party, expert guidance and resources on choosing, deploying, integrating, and managing lighting integration. Campaign participants also have the opportunity to receive recognition for innovation and exemplary performance of their lighting project.

ILC Goals

Provide resources icon
Develop and share practical resources for new integrated lighting systems


Promote use icon
Promote use of advanced lighting sensors and controls


Encourage integration icon
Encourage integration with other building systems such as HVAC and plug loads


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Document and recognize exemplary performance of connected lighting projects, as well as notable contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion


Benefits of Joining the Integrated Lighting Campaign

  • Access to practical resources, expert guidance, case studies, utility incentive lists, and educational webinars to clearly communicate the benefits of integrated lighting systems.
  • Learn how others have saved energy and are improving their buildings operations through the use of integrated lighting systems.
  • Receive technical assistance from national lab experts who can help you understand the options for your lighting project
  • Demonstrate your organization's leadership by contributing to the body of knowledge around lighting integration, and advanced lighting sensors and controls.

How do I get involved in the ILC?

By Joining Now as a Campaign Supporter or Participant you’ll be joining a dedicated cohort of industry leaders just like you who are championing innovation and establishing a standard of excellence in lighting. Your participation and support will help shape future lighting projects. If you have any questions, please contact us.


As an ILC Campaign Participant you pledge to:

  • Provide information about your organization and facilities.
  •  Share your experiences, plans, or interest regarding the integration of lighting products (i.e., luminaires and sensors) with other building systems. Sharing can take the form of webinar presentations, case studies, fact sheets, or peer-to-peer conversations.
  • By sharing information, participants support the ILC's efforts and help build a body of knowledge about existing installations and inform stakeholders about use cases of interest from future lighting products.


As an ILC Campaign Supporter you pledge to:

  • Promote the goals of the campaign and encourage your clients/members to participate.
  • Identify and help recruit sites and projects with lighting systems that integrate with other building systems or that have advanced capabilities.
  • Share information about the campaign, including new resources and events, with your professional networks, members, constituents, or other external stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the current body of knowledge by sharing practical information, best practices, and strategies for high-performing lighting installation and integration.