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The ILC is designed to assist facility owners, operators, and managers take advantage of savings opportunities and benefits of integrating lighting systems with other building and business systems in their facilities. By joining, participants and supporters gain unique access to the technical expertise of the U.S. Department of Energy and its network of national laboratories.


Organizations, including building owners, operators, and managers who join the ILC as participants will be able to access resources and technical assistance to aid them with identifying innovative strategies to integrate their lighting with other building systems. They will also have the opportunity to gain recognition for exemplary projects utilizing integrated lighting systems.


Supporting partners include utilities, manufacturers, energy efficiency organizations, lighting designers, and ESCOs. These organizations help to accelerate the use of advanced lighting controls and integration of lighting with other building systems through sharing information about the ILC and the high-efficiency innovative interior lighting solutions, products, and services they offer. They also encourage their members or customers to join the ILC.