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GSA's mission is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people. GSA delivers value and savings by using the purchasing power of the federal government to drive down prices, deliver better value, and reduce costs to its customer agencies. GSA values focus on integrity, transparency, and teamwork—with 11,495 full-time employees (June 2014) and a $24 billion budget (fiscal year 2014). GSA manages $500 billion of federal assets, including 9,600 federally owned or leased buildings, 205,000 federally owned or leased vehicles, and 471 historic properties. GSA is committed to a sustainable government that reduces energy and water use in federal buildings, responsibly disposes of electronic waste, and greens the federal fleet. GSA continues to work with businesses to make sustainable products and services readily available and affordable to its partner agencies. GSA has begun including life-cycle costs into its planning and decision making and is beginning the widespread implementation of innovative technologies and best practices from sources such as its Green Proving Ground program. GSA contributes through these efforts to the reduction of our government’s environmental and fiscal footprints.