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DesignLights Consortium®

This presentation summarizes the report 'Energy Savings from Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems' of collected, aggregated, and analyzed zone- and fixture-level energy monitoring interval data from networked lighting controls (NLC) systems in 114 buildings across a variety of building types in North America, representing over 1,200 zones with an average of 60 days of monitoring data per building. 

DOE | National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The Better Buildings Plug and Process Load Technology Research Team hosted two technical presentations from recently published studies that describe novel approaches for better understanding device-level energy consumption in buildings.

Lighting Controls Association

The Lighting Controls Association offers free, comprehensive online education about lighting controls technology and application.

Lighting Controls Association

This course, available through Lighting Controls Association, an ILC Organizing and Supporting partner, is offered via its Education Express program.  Learn more about the Education Express program by filtering “Webinars | Training” on the right panel.

Better Buildings

The Better Buildings Lighting and Electrical Technology Research Team discusses takeaways from 13 advanced lighting system projects recognized in DOE’s Integrated Lighting Campaign and resources needed to support the uptake of connected lighting systems. The team also shared how to get involved with the Lighting Prize (L-Prize).

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

This class examines examples of integrating lighting controls with other building controls, primarily HVAC. Rather than presenting a set of established best practices, it reviews a few notable case studies of commercial and institutional buildings where integration has been both successful and challenging. Presenters describe the design process, how key decision points were identified, and how issues were resolved. They also cover Owners Project Requirements, Basis of Design, and Sequence of Operations, and report on commissioning and post occupancy evaluations.