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With a large portfolio of buildings, college campuses present a unique opportunity to adopt connected lighting systems for the benefit of the students, professors, administrative staff, and the public. And that’s just what both California State University, Dominguez Hills (Cal State Dominguez Hills) and the University of Minnesota did. Cal State Dominguez Hills wanted to decrease energy costs at James L. Welch Hall (Cal State), a four-story building housing multiple functions, including administrative and admission offices, classrooms, tech support, server rooms, and a police station. The University of Minnesota had similar goals for Jones Hall (UMN), one of their mixed-use buildings on campus with a combination of offices, classrooms, and public space.

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This presentation from Kenny Seeton, Central Plant Manager at California State University – Dominguez Hills, covers the opportunities and benefits of occupancy-based unified controls using Welch Hall as a case study.  Kenny discusses the basis of controls design process, matching lighting and HVAC zones, and energy savings opportunities of integrating lighting with a building automation system.