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The Integrated Lighting Campaign (ILC) is a recognition, technical assistance, and resource development program designed to accelerate the adoption of efficient building technologies. The ILC helps facility owners, operators, managers, and others save energy and money in their buildings or installations. The ILC serves as a resource for relevant research regarding new energy-efficient and innovative lighting controls and integrated lighting systems, the capabilities they enable, and the benefits observed in both lab environments and in the field. The ILC is documenting the adoption of integrated lighting systems, advanced sensors in lighting, and recognizing innovative integrated lighting projects.

What's recognized?

Excellence in the use of energy-efficient and innovative lighting controls or the integration of lighting with other building or installation systems to improve efficiency and performance.

How a building or installation can be recognized

Any stakeholder supporting energy-efficient and innovative or integrated lighting installations are encouraged to submit commercial projects, indoor or outdoor, that they would like to have considered for recognition. Innovative, exemplary, or featured buildings or installations will be recognized along with the owners, managers and others who supported the installation.

Recognition examples

Recognition will take many forms, and may include:

  • Recognition from DOE/Better Buildings conferred at a public gathering/event (e.g., BOMA International Conference & Expo, IES Annual Conference have been hosts in the past)
  • DOE/Better Buildings press releases and social media announcements.
  • Case studies of recognized projects developed in collaboration with the awardees, to showcase the project and help inform others about the measured and perceived benefits; supporting partners may receive mention in the case study.
  • Recognition event, honorees, and projects will be featured on the ILC website under each recognition year.
  • Throughout the year, the ILC may feature lighting projects from Partners who share information about their project (fill out the "Contact Us" form on our website)

Learn more about the ILC recognitionjoin the ILC, and submit for recognition.

Recognition Process Timeline

  • 2024 Campaign Year Begins
  • Recognition Submission Process Opens
  • Recognition Submission Process Closes
  • Notifications of Selections Made
  • Recognitions Announced at the 2024 IES Annual Conference