Is there a cost associated with joining the Campaign?

Is there a cost | fee for my organization to join the Integrated Lighting Campaign?

There is no cost to your organization to join the Integrated Lighting Campaign as a participant or supporter.  In addition, there is no cost to your association to submit for recognition (once the process opens).

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Supporter or Participant—Which join method applies to my organization?

I want to join, but am unsure whether I am a supporter or participant?

If you are a building owner or manager, you are likely a participant. As a participant, you will have an opportunity to share with the ILC some information about your lighting and control projects, integration efforts, and apply for exemplary recognition for your efforts.

If you are not a building owner or manager, you are likely a supporter. Supporters help the ILC in several different ways. Learn more about the supporter role and how you can help.

What are the benefits of joining the Integrated Lighting Campaign?

Benefits include access to resources, including guidance documents, case studies, utility incentive lists, and educational webinars to help building owners make sound lighting, sensor/control, and system integration decisions.

  • Learn  how others have saved energy and are improving their buildings operations by using integrated lighting systems.
  • Receive limited technical assistance.
  • Demonstrate your organization’s leadership and help build the body of knowledge.

Please contact us via our online web form to reach out directly to the research team.