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Please list myself or my organization on the Integrated Lighting Campaign website with a link to the URL, if provided.
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How are you or your organization involved in decisions related to lighting system projects/upgrades?
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Project Recognition
I or my organization has a project, or is supporting a project, that uses energy-efficient and innovative lighting controls or the integration of lighting with other building systems to improve efficiency and performance. After completing the join form, PNNL will follow-up with you directly to find out more about the project, for possible recognition.
I Accept!
As a supporting partner, I or my organization will support the ILC by doing the following:
  • Promoting the goals of the campaign and encourage your clients/members to participate.
  • Sharing information about the campaign, including new resources and events, with professional networks, members, constituents, or other external stakeholders.
  • Contributing to the current body of knowledge by sharing practical information, best practices, and strategies for high-performing lighting installation and integration.
By joining the Integrated Lighting Campaign, you agree to receive communication from Campaign, including newsletter updates and  inquiries and announcements from ILC.
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