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Boys and Girls Clubs in Minneapolis

About the Project

As an organization that values equity and inclusion, the Boys and Girls Clubs in Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesota, replaced inadequate and outdated interior and exterior lighting not only to improve lighting quality but also to address safety and well-being concerns for the kids using the facility and to create a welcoming space for the entire community.

The retrofit project was completed at two of the five clubs in the Twin Cities, both located in areas afflicted by crime and poverty. Upgraded exterior lighting has created a better environment for entering/exiting the clubs and allows security cameras to capture quality video. Upgraded interior lighting in art rooms, computer rooms, gaming rooms, kitchens, workout rooms, offices, and the gym has positively impacted users’ well-being.

The project was able to save $38,826 through grants and rebates, cutting the project cost in half, and an annual energy cost savings of $7,000 provides more funds to put toward other club uses and improvements.