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Lighting Environments

About the Project

As a company that represents premier lighting manufacturers, Lighting Environments understands its subject better than most. When it was time to redesign its building in Baltimore, they wanted to use lighting to create a comfortable and customizable space for their employees as well as a state-of-the-art showroom for their customers displaying the latest lighting controls and technologies.

The company installed DALI-2 tunable white fixtures with both direct and indirect lighting, dimmable fixtures for the lobby and decorative areas, and daylight harvesting. A proprietary app allows users to interact and control the office’s lighting from anywhere.

The lighting system integrates with other IoT technologies (access controls, smart HVAC controls, air quality meters, occupancy sensors, etc.) to measure and respond to workspace occupancy patterns, such as increasing air turnover when more people are in a space. Lighting schedules also integrate with systems to ensure round-the-clock efficiency and reduce excessive energy consumption. These technologies are all integrated with the app for centralized control and analytics, providing valuable data on the building’s energy and real estate utilization.